Warren Hill

Saxophonist Composer Performer

Retiring the shoes

One of my favorite ways to get exercise is jogging. It started with my Dad when I was around 7 years old. I had a paper route back then, about 30 or 40 customers, for the Toronto Globe and Mail. Every morning I would wake up around 6 am and walk a few blocks from my house to find my designated stack of newspapers sitting on a street corner. I would place them in my carrier bag, strap it around my shoulder and, along with my dog Scamp, I would begin the 30 minute job of hand delivering a paper to each of my customers. 

Once I finished, my Dad would be waiting for me and we would lace up our shoes to head out on a 3 mile jog. We did this for almost 7 years straight. Unfortunately my Dad developed arthritis in his ankles and couldn't continue - although he still walks 30-40 minutes a day at the age of 88! I have him thank for making it a habit for me - one that I have enjoyed for the past 42 years. 

Since I started touring 24 years ago, jogging has been been my "go to" exercise. It's the best cure for jet lag and a great way to get the vibe of a new location. It instantly "grounds" me. And it gives me a chance to sweat out of all of the toxins from a long flight!!

On my recent pair of shoes I started to keep track of the cities. I ran out of space pretty quickly. I've put a lot of miles on this pair and it is time to retire them. But I thought that before they go to "shoe heaven" I would take a pic for nostalgia. 

Here are the highlight cities where these shoes ran through the streets :

St. Thomas, Toronto, Seoul, Los Angeles, Munich, Boston, Dallas, Huntsville, Honolulu, Winnipeg, Mallorca, Madrid, Paris, Phoenix.